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      A big grin appeared on Edward's face as he entered his apartment. He made his way to the bedroom computer, where he hoped to get in touch with a special friend of his. It was late, but maybe she had stayed awake for him.
Signing on, he looked eagerly at his contacts, and his face fell. The screen name he was searching for did not appear. Still, he clicked on the screen name, kawaiigirlshell, just to make sure.
Shelby had left a message, "Nite, nite sweetie, I hope you have sweet dreams hun!-snuggle, snuggle-"
Edward smiled as he typed back "Hope you do too, kawaii Shelby!!: 3" She was probably asleep by now: probably wouldn't get the message until morning, but at least she would know he was there.
Edward sighed longingly as he put on his pajamas. He crawled into bed and snuggled the white and blue bear that had been his main companion for the last few years. Lately, when he had snuggled it, he thought about Shelby and all of the things that they would do if they ever got to meet each other in person. He would think about rubbing his hand across Shelby's big breasts, removing her shirt, licking her small but stiff nipples, and sucking around her smooth areola. He would then think about various forms of role playing erotica that he could try out with her. They ranged from classic bondage, being tied up to a simple chair, to playing pirate wench, or even acting as a rock star, performing "sextifyingly" amazing acts on stage. Both knew of the stranger fetishes such as age play and pretending to be different kinds of furry animals. If ever Shelby and Edward were to meet, no matter where or when they saw each other, they would have no shortage of ideas for one another.
However, once again Edward snuggled his bear alone, dreaming of things that would never come to be.
As he reached up to turn off the lights, Edward realized that his computer was still on. Getting up to turn it off, Edward realized that he hadn't checked his email all day. There might have been another order waiting for him already, so he decided to sit up for a few minutes more and empty his in-box. He clicked through each message, scanning for a short while before sending it to the recycle bin. Fatigue had already set in, so Edward tried to get this done as soon as possible. However, when he reach the last email in the queue, his screen suddenly turned black. An ad suddenly popped up with bright neon blocking and a cute anime girl with glasses and a Lolita costume.
"Desires made real," the anime girl shouted in her cute little voice. "…no matter how extravagant or strange! Click on J-Peggy now!"
Edward laughed and right clicked to send the email to his trash folder, but nothing happened. He clicked again, and the anime girl only shouted her offer a second time.
"Come on! Don't tell me I've got another virus!"
"No virus!" the girl shouted happily. "I only do good things for people!"
"Oh yeah? Like what?"
"I could help you meet the girl of your dreams! I know all of your desires and Miss Kawaii Panda Shelby's desires as well. If you give me 30 minutes I can make them come true with my newest unpatented invention."
"Wait a minute, how do you know who Shelby is?" Edward clicked frantically, hoping to close the program. "Wait a minute! How are you talking to me?! Who are you?"
"I'm J-Peggy! I make your desires come true!"
"Yes, I know that! What's going on!"
"Would you like me to make yours and Miss Shelby's desires come true?"
"What? How? Answer me!"
But J-Peggy only repeated the same question. Finally, out of exasperation, Edward answered with a yes.
"Yay! By stating your interest I can now make your desires come true! Bye-bye from J-Peggy!!" Instantaneously the computer shut down, leaving Edward in a darkened room.
'Shit! I have to get this computer looked at tomorrow. I hope that I don't have my account over drafted tomorrow."
Edward slipped underneath the bedcovers again and hugged his bear, but sleep eluded him. He tossed and turned, thinking about the ruin he might have caused to his laptop, and possibly his bank account. 'Everything was going so well, and now this has to happen.' Still a thought lingered in his mind: 'Could it really work…what if she could actually grant my desires?' Edward sighed and dismissed that idea. He then reached down his pants, 'Maybe this might relieve some tension and help me go to sleep…' Edward pulled out his limp member and began to rub it against himself; he could feel his cock starting to gather blood as thought of Shelby flowed through his head.
Then without warning a bright shining light pierced the darkened room. Edward quickly drew the sheets from his face and he saw it was coming from his computer. The screen stretched and morphed as one arm and then a second reached into the room. Suddenly Shelby, with her blonde hair and emerald eyes, stuck her head out of the screen. Edward sat in awe and amazement as Shelby struggled to pull herself out of the computer.
"If it's not too much trouble, can you get off your ass and help me out of this thing!?"
"Huh? Oh! Sorry!" Edward grabbed her soft hands (just as smooth and gentle as I imagined!) and pulled. Gradually Shelby's waist, butt, and legs were pulled into the room, and soon both fell to the floor. The light from the computer monitor then quickly blinked out.
"Yay!!! Desires have been granted! As long as you both remain in this room anything you think of will become a reality. Bye-bye from J-Peggy!!" The computer then restarted itself again.
Shelby and Edward stared at each other awkwardly. Shelby, still shaking a little bit from the shock of her journey, managed to get to her feet. "I don't know what the fuck that was, but I'm leaving!!"
"Wait!!" Suddenly the computer lit up the way it had done before, and Shelby stopped in her tracks.
"What…why can't I move?!" Shelby struggled angrily, but her limbs were unresponsive. Suddenly she lost her balance, and Edward, though horrified to see her fall, could not move quickly enough to catch her
"Damn it!" Shelby was still frozen like a statue, her limbs stiff and unresponsive. She turned her angry eye to Edward, who was trying to lift her back up.
"What the hell did you do to me? How did you even bring me here?"
"I'm sorry! I didn't do this; it was an accident!"
"Yeah, right! You'd better send me back right now, or I'm calling the police." Shelby had quite forgotten that in her frozen state, she could neither pick up a phone nor dial a number.
"Alright, just relax, I'm thinking of something."
"And watch your hands!"
Edward stood Shelby up on her feet again and tried to get her to balance. However, Shelby quickly fell over again, and though Edward managed to grab her, they both tumbled towards the floor.
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean that!"
"This is all your fault! I wish you were fucking dead!"
The computer flashed once more, almost like a camera, and Edward collapsed on the ground.
"Hey, what's wrong with you?" Shelby looked at Edward; his eyes were open and he was unnaturally still. He didn't seem to be breathing. Her eyes widened, 'Did I just kill him?! No! Breathe, you idiot!' But Edward didn't move. Shelby started to cry as she saw Edward skin turn blue. She shouted as loud as she could, "Please don't die!!"
The computer flashed again and Edward gasped for air.
"What…just…happened?!" Edward gasped as the color returned to his face.
"So were you just pretending to be dead?! Don't ever do that again!"
Edward shook his head no, "I…wasn't pretending…completely blacked out." Edward took a few more breaths until he calmed down. "I couldn't see, hear, or feel anything. Then you said 'Don't be dead,' and I came back."
"What? How?"
"I think…I think that you and I now have power over each other." Edward looked at Shelby, still frozen in a pose on the floor. "Hmm…unfreeze!"
The computer flashed again and Shelby could move again. She cautiously followed Edward over to the bed and sat next to him.
Shelby furrowed her brow and glared at him, "So you just couldn't wait could you, Edward?"
Edward looked down sheepishly and sighed, "I'm so sorry Shelby, I didn't want things to happen like this. I saw an ad that said that it could grant all my desires… I thought-"
"Wait a minute, you clicked on an add?"
"Yeah. It sounds stupid, I know, but-"
"Did it have a cute anime girl named J-Peggy in it?"
Edward now furrowed his brow. "How did you know that?"
"I got that same email, and I answered it too! When my computer went out I thought that my computer was just acting up and I decided to head to work! So you got it too?!"
Edward blushed and looked down at the floor. "So this means we both wanted our desires to become real!"
A smirk appeared across Shelby's face, and she began to rub her fingers across the front of her shirt as she looks at Edward with smoldering eyes. "You know, since I'm stuck here…
A shiver of excitement ran down Edward's spine, and he smiled. Shelby continued, "There are a lot of things I've wanted to do to you when I got to meet you, my minstrel!"
Another flash emanated from the computer and suddenly Edward's Monty Python pajamas began to straighten and become excessively tight becoming leaf green. The shirt turned golden, puffing out and then red lining appeared on the shirt, outlining the golden fabric. A black Capitano hat, with a large feather and a rose appeared a mandolin appeared in his hands and a pair of brown pointed shoes materialized on Edward's feet. He smiled and bowed to Shelby, as a gentleman would, took his rose and presented it to her.
"I am at your service, my lady!"
Shelby plucked the rose from Edward's hand and sniffed it, she then formed a goofy grin. "Play me a song, clown!"
Flash! A red nose appeared on Edward's face and he instantly began to play a beautiful medieval tune.
"Too slow! I want something faster, rockstar!!"
Flash, a long mane of brown hair flowed from Edward's hat, and heavy Kiss makeup manifested on his face. His mandolin morphed into a black electric mandolin with bright flames. He suddenly slipped into high gear, shredding notes and playing Tenacious D's "Master Exploder", at the start of the song he was almost massaging the mandolin and when he got to the final riffs his handswere moving so fast they looked like they were going to catch on fire. Edward then finished the rock ballad with a large jump and landed in a split on the floor.
Shelby's eyes widened, "Now that was hot!!"
Edward nodded and looked at his hands in astonishment. "I know! I didn't think my hands could move that fast!!"
Shelby giggled reaching under her waistband, "You know what else is hot, your tight pants! Mmm, I don't think I'll need mine anymore…" She pulled off her pants, then her shirt, revealing a pair of plain, white panties and a sports bra. She stared at Edward seductively, then looked down at her underwear. She frowned, "I thought I wished for a lacy black thong and black push-up bra, like in the picture I sent you…"
Edward removed his top-hat and scratch his head in confusion. Suddenly an idea popped into his head.
"Uh…lacy push up bra and thong," Flash! The folds of Shelby's white panties stretched becoming more string like, and slowly the smooth, white fabric darkened until it was pure black butt. The thick straps on her sports bra shrunk into the padded, stretchy fabric of her cups dissolved into a thin black mesh. Edward's eyes widened as he saw Shelby's nipples, peeking teasingly from behind their thin, black veil.
"Oooooooo," Shelby moaned. "That feels nice…"
"Then this should make you feel really good! Give Shelby her ideal body!"
Flash! Shelby's butt began swell around the tight, thin straps of her lacy thong. Her boobs grew, surging forward and overfilling the lacy cups. Shelby's giggly, panda-bear-cute tummy grew tighter and shrunk back, and her adorable flab was replaced by hard six pack abs. A Cheshire Cat-sized grin spread over Edward's face as his eyes tried to absorb the beauty before them. The super-cute girl of his online chats had become the stunning woman of his fantasies. That gave Edward another idea.
Deepening his voice, Edward shouted in a rough, Cornish accent, "Ya-har!! I shall make thee my pirate wench! Surrender yer booty!!"
Flash! A pirate hat covered Shelby's silky brunette hair. Fishnet stockings stretched over Shelby's long, muscular legs, accompanied by tall, buckled leather boots. A scarlet sash draped itself around her waist and a silk mini skirt flared out from her waist: just enough to barely cover her juicy posterior and gorgeous bosom. A treasure chest filled to the brim with gold emerged from the floor underneath Shelby's feet, lifting her two and a half feet off the ground.
Shelby's eyes twinkled as she stared into the chest of gold. "I have never seen so much money in my life. I finally have enough money to move out!"
"Aye," Edward roared lustily. "And now that ye have surrendered the booty, ye must make thine ass clap!!" Flash! Out from under Shelby's skimpy sash a pair of hands appears out of the side of Shelby's ass and began clapping rhythmically. Edward and Shelby stared at the clapping hands in confusion, then turned to the computer.
"I meant booty shaking, not literally clapping!" Edward complained. The computer small Japanese character came back.
"Sumimasen: the clapping hands shall be replaced with a gyrating motion!"
Flash! The hands sink back into Shelby's ass, waving goodbye as they disappeared.
"That was weird…" Shelby remarked, caressing her ideal ass once more. Then without warning, Shelby's booty began shaking and back and forth: her butt churning and rippling like a stormy sea.
Shelby blushed as she began bumping and grinding on the floor, "Wow, I've never felt this sexy before. Look at that ass go!" She then positioned her round, supple booty towards Edward and grinned.
Before Edward could react he found himself smothered under Shelby's tremendous ass. He thought he heard the words: "Booty attack", but in an instant Edward was engulfed in the most tumultuous and pleasurable storm, breaking furiously against his face. Shelby's ass cheeks beat against his face one after another in a steady, dizzying rhythm. Edward could barely think under the fierce, lust-filled barrage, but quickly realized that he didn't need to. After a few minutes later the shaking stopped. Edward sat up, cock-eyed and ecstatic, with a massive boner pushing against his pants already tight pants.
A kiss from Shelby woke him from his daze. "Wow, you're even bigger in person!" Edward, still recovering from the butt busting fury of Shelby's rump replied, "If that had killed me, I would have died happy!"
Shelby shushed him up. "Don't start that, or you'll end up dead again! Now get up here on the bed," she seductively ordered. "I may not be this beautiful again, so we'd better make the most of it."
Edward immediately tackled Shelby and locked his lips onto hers. He ran his hands over her hard abs and soft tits, grabbing a handful whenever he could as the couple rolled aimlessly over Edward's mattress. They only stopped when Shelby took hold of Edward's stiff, throbbing cock. They sat breathlessly, grasping handfuls of each other, and staring into one another's eyes.
"To me you've always been this beautiful!" Edward gasped.
Shelby blushed, and freeing one of her hands she reached up and caressed Edward's face.
"No honey, it was in your head the whole time, just like you were in mine." Shelby moved in closer for another kiss. "You're such a sweet man…"
Flash! Edward and Shelby looked around, wondering what had changed. They felt themselves, but realized that everything was the same: Shelby was still a pirate queen, and Edward was still a ringmaster. Edward shrugged his shoulders and decided to continue kissing, but Shelby held him back.
"What's that smell?"
"What smell?"
Shelby sniffed the air, catching faint whiffs that only she seemed to detect. "It smells a little like…peppermint, I think."
Edward could smell nothing, but Shelby sniffed the air in an effort to find the source. The turned to Edward and immediately began sniffing his clothes. "Ohh; no way!"
Immediately she pulled Edward's head forward and kissed him full on the lips. Edward was nothing if not cooperative, and he thrilled when Shelby began nibbling on his neck.
"Wow, you taste so good too…mmmmmmm"
…just like a candy cane!"
Flash! Red and white strips covered his body like a barber pole.
"Clothes off," Shelby ordered. All of Edward's beautifully crafted clothes disappeared in an instant, exposing the diagonal, striped pattern that had spread all over his body. As he worriedly examined himself, he didn't notice Shelby take his hand and gingerly start sucking on his finger.
Edward froze, then slowly withdrew his hand. He didn't want to look, but curiosity got the better of him. Surely Shelby hadn't-
She had. She had bitten off Edward's finger right down to the palm, and at that very moment was crunching it up in her mouth.
"What! How…why…"
"Oh, stop it," Shelby mumbled with her mouth full of candy. "Oh, that's so tasty!" Once she was finished Shelby licked her lips and stared hungrily at Edward. Edward backed up, but Shelby was on her knees, staring directly into Edward's crotch. Edward looked down and finally noticed what Shelby had seen long ago: a hard, thick candy-cane member.
"Don't worry, babe; I won't bite." Shelby wrapped her arms around Edward's striped legs and gave his sweet, peppermint member a lick. Edward shuddered and his knees went weak. He leaned back against the wall and threw his head back, groaning loudly. Shelby ran her tongue along the length of Edward's hard peppermint stick, greedily soaking up the minty goodness, turning it wet and sticky.
She swirled her tongue around his red-striped balls, making Edward moan enthusiastically. "You," Shelby sighed, licking her lips, "…are by far the best desert I've ever tasted! Do you know what would make you taste even better, though?"
"What?" Edward gasped.
"Chocolate coating!" Flash! Edward felt a hot, steady stream pouring down on him from above. As the warm, viscous fluid dripped down his face he stuck his peppermint tongue out and licked it up. It was chocolate: hot, molten, and rich. More and more of it dripped onto his sugary form, flowing down over his peppermint pecker and forming a hard shell around it. Shelby wrapped her lips around the thick, candy-coated cock and began melting the chocolate coating again: sucking, licking, and swirling all around it to wear his cock down again.
Edward nearly exploded. His mind thrilled with every stroke, until finally he gasped out, "I…I…I'm gonna-
"No, no, no," Shelby warned, playfully wagging her finger, "We need to make this last."
The computed flashed, and this time, though Edward was still rock hard and excited, the pressure within him seemed to ebb. He realized, however, the Shelby was raising his threshold. He was just as aroused as ever, but it would take a lot more than a simple blowjob to get him off.
Fortunately, Shelby had a plan. She lay down on the floor and pulled Edward down with her. On her back and with Edward sitting on top of her, Shelby hooked her little finger around the crook of his candy-cane cock and pulled him gently forward until his dick was sitting between her large breasts.
Shelby returned Edward's smile as she squeezed her boobs together, enveloping his sugary member in her soft flesh. Edward began to thrust his hips back and forth, shuddering again as he reached heights of pleasure that he hadn't thought possible. Still, there was more to come: much more.
Edward moved faster and faster, getting closer to orgasm with each continual motion. Shelby moaned and gasped for air as she felt the giant, chocolate-covered candy delight inch closer to her mouth with every shove. Still, it lay frustratingly outside of her reach. No problem.
"Longer cock!" Shelby watched as Brian's red and white-striped shaft stretched a few inches longer. Edward was grateful, since now that his dick was longer he had more area to rub against Shelby's breasts. Unfortunately for Shelby a longer cock didn't solve her problem. Now that Edward was trusting faster and harder, his penis was in danger of poking out her eye. Shelby tried another idea.
"Licorice ropes!"
"Edward, I want you to tie me up. Use licorice ropes!"
Flash, a long licorice rope appeared in Edward's hand, and without any control of his own tied up Shelby in a matter of seconds. Edward was about to to jump on top of Shelby, but for a moment he paused. He saw Shelby's breasts sitting on her chest, heavy and full, and just for fun he gave them a little poke. His finger sunk into each bosom, and when he pulled them out again they jiggled and shook like they had a life of their own. It was fascinating to watch them move. Edward gave them another poke, and then another, and another, watching them shake and jiggle: his eyes wide with fascination. Slowly Edward crawled on top of Shelby, and poised above her he grabbed a handful of breasts, squeezing and letting the flesh slip through his fingers. Shelby moaned and he grabbed and squeezed, teased her nipples, and lifted them up to watch them fall again.
"The way they move: it's so satisfying. I can't explain it." Edward bent down and licked the side of Shelby's breast, pushed it with his tongue and began sucking on her flesh. "Mmm, tastes like pudding!"
Flash! Edward licked Shelby's breast again, and this time slurped up a little bit of her: savoring it on his tongue. Shelby felt herself growing softer. Her rock-hard abs melted away into a soft, pudgy pillow. Her muscular legs also grew soft and heavy: her thighs turning thick and creamy. Her skin grew pale, and in moments she was ivory white. The licorice ropes that bound her sunk into her wrists and ankles. Edward juggled her breast one more time, licking the pudding off of his fingers.
"Looks like you're just as sweet as me, Shel." Edward bent down and dug his snoot into Shelby's bosom, nipping off mouthfuls of warm, delicious, jiggly pudding.
"Hey," Shelby groaned. "Don't eat all of me!"
"I can't help it! Your boobs are so soft and tasty!" Edward dug another chunk out of Shelby's bosom, but the remaining pudding jiggled just as much as it did before. Shelby protested, but each slurp and nibble out of her breast made her groan with pleasure.
Edward then aimed his long, chocolate-covered cock between Shelby's legs, then slowly pushed into her warm, gooey pussy. Inch by inch his cock sank further and further inside, the soft wall of her vagina closing in tightly around it. Shelby was ecstatic. The mistake of giving Edward a longer cock turned into a blessing as Edward penetrated further than Shelby thought possible. Her soft, creamy innards closed in around it, and soon Edward had pushed himself so far in that Shelby thought he would come out of her mouth again!
Edward began thrusting, bending down every few moments to nibble another bit out of Shelby's bosom. After several minutes of bliss Shelby's eyes grew wide and she shouted. "I'm coming! Oh yes, I'm coming!"
"Not yet!" The computer flashed and Shelby regained her composure.
"Oh, thank you! I was afraid that this was all over," Shelby moaned.
Edward thrust his hard, sugary member, each time provoking a squeal of joy from Shelby. He pushed her harder, building pleasure upon pleasure with new moves: twisting, turning, poking and prodding. He could see the excitement growing in Shelby's eyes, and Edward to could barely contain himself. However, just as it seemed they were on the verge of climax, Edward stopped. He slowly withdrew his candy-cock, which was covered in a mess of chocolate and custard.
"What's wrong, Edward? Are you okay?"
"More than okay; I just thought of something great." Edward crawled over to Shelby's head, his cock dragging on the floor below.
"Reform breasts." Shelby's bosom had been whittled down by Edward's insatiable appetite. They had gone from modest mountains to a cratered moonscape of bite marks. However, with another flash of the computer, Shelby's breasts regrew into the large, jiggling masses they had once been.
Edward smiled. "A little bigger, please." Shelby groaned pleasantly as her breasts increased by another cup size, jiggling even more than they had before.
"That's better." Edward straddled Shelby's head, his cock poised temptingly just above her mouth, then crawled out over her torso. As he lowered his cock closer to Shelby's eager mouth, she smiled as it dawned on her what he was about to down. His face fell squarely into her soft, squishy crotch, where he began eagerly slurping up more pudding.
"Now this is what I call eating out a girl's pussy!" Edward laughed between mouthfuls. Shelby had finally gotten to his cock, and they were a full 69. Edward licked and slurped at Shelby's crotch, digging his face so deeply into her body that he had to come up periodically for breath, his face covered in pudding. Shelby sucked Edward's cock as far down as possible, letting it sink deep into the folds of her throat and down her soft, squishy neck, then wrapping her lips around his balls. Edward, whipped into a frenzy by the sensation, burrowed his head deep between Shelby's hips, and even thrust his own hands down her vagina. The moment was coming; both could feel it. Just a little longer, harder, FASTER, DEEPER, STRONGER-
Edward blew his load first, discharging gobs of vanilla icing from his minty member, though Shelby was not long in following. She let loose a flood of orange soda, soaking the floor. Edward withdrew from Shelby's mouth and sprayed the rest of his load onto her chest, and then breathlessly lifted his face from out of her body. He collapsed onto the ground, his eyes wide and mouth open in shock, still feeling the aftershocks of his orgasm. For a long while both he and Shelby lay on the floor, breathing heavily, unable to say a word or even think of anything else.
Shelby dipped her fingers into Edward's frosting and tasted it again. Groaning in approval, she began to greedily eat it up, mopping it off of her big, jiggly tits. Edward began to lap up some of Shelby's juices too.
"Wow, you taste delicious!"
"I never knew that my strangest fantasies could actually come true," Shelby reflected. "And they came true with Edward. That was amazing.'
Shelby composed herself despite the wave of ecstasy coursing through her. She noticed immediately that the room was a complete mess.
"How the hell are we going to clean this up?"
Flash! A pair of super adsorbent rags and cleaners appeared in both Shelby's and Edward's hands and they start to clean the chocolate/pudding/soda mess. The job that would usually take days to clean was finished in minutes. Shelby smiled as they finished; the room looked like it had just been built the day before.
Edward and Shelby sat down and wished themselves back to normal. Naked on the floor, they looked at each other. Edward smiled.
"I wish I was hungry again."
Flash! Suddenly a rumbling sound emanated from Edward's stomach. Shelby grinned deviously. "So, what are you hungry for this time, hmm?!"
"What else? I want milk!" One more flash from the computer and Edward discovered her was holding a cold glass of milk.
Edward sighed and glared at the computer, "Not that kind of milk: booby milk!!"
"Sorry about that!" Edward and Shelby had nearly forgotten that the computer could talk. Flash! Shelby's breasts began to swell, growing larger and heavier with each passing moment. She easily gained two cup sizes and her nipples darkened from a light pink to a deep brown.
"Oh, they're so heavy!"
"You don't know the half of it. Bigger!"
The computer flashed, and Shelby felt her boobs growing even heavier. She watched in calm satisfaction as they expanded in all directions: sticking further out in front and sinking closer and closer toward her lap. Finally her breasts stopped growing, and Shelby reached down to lift them up.
"Wow," Shelby whispered, letting them fall and bounce. "I never thought I'd be this big!"
"Bigger," Edward smiled.
"What, wait!" It was too late. The computer flashed again, and Shelby felt another wave of growth flowing through her breasts. They grew fuller and more voluminous as they filled with more and more milk. They weighed Shelby down even further, and she moaned as she felt the pressure building up behind her tender nipples. Shelby felt one last surge; her breasts gained an extra bit of plumpness, and little drops of milk suddenly emerged from her nipples. Shelby's eyes brightened as she watched the little drops slide down the surface of her massive mammaries.
"I know, nursing bra!!"
Flash! A soft black nursing bra with removable flaps on the sides stretched over Shelby's chest, reigning in each monumental bosom and giving Shelby some much-need support. Shelby placed her hand over the top of her bust and blushed, then looked at Bryuce, who was licking his lips again.
"Well, I'm sorry to say this hon, but milk is for babies!" Shelby giggled, "Are you my baby boy?!"
"Maaaa-maaaa," Edward answered, holding out his arms.
"Well then, I think I'll tease you into infancy, my widdle Eddy-weddy! Pajamas on."
Flash! Edward was wearing his old pajamas again. He gave Shelby a curious look.
"You'll see. I like it better this way." Shelby began to slowly caress her nipples, rubbing then in circles through the soft, stretchy fabric of her bra. Pinchining her nipple between her thumb and forefinger, she quickly squeezed. A milk stain appeared, and as Shelby squeezed again and again, it began to spread.
Edward began to feel strange. Ordinarily he would have been hard as a rock by now, but now he merely felt relaxed. A warm feeling spread throughout his body, and rather than jumping into Shelby's bounteous bosom, he merely sat there in pajamas. He was spellbound by the sight of that dark stain spreading through the big cups of Shelby's bra, slowly becoming saturated with sweet, delicious milk. Slowly Edward shrank losing one year after another.
Shelby wrung some milk out of her bra and licked it off of her hand "It looks like I've had a milk bath. Would you like one?"
Edward grinned and nodded eagerly as he lost another year. Having started at 25 he was only 19 when Shelby opened the flaps of her nursing bra. Her boobs bulged through the openings, her nipples dripping with milk. One quick squeeze of her bosom and Edward felt a warm stream of milk hit his face. He licked it up and grew another year younger.
Shelby began to show Edward with milk, hitting him on the face and soaking him with endless streams of milk, each squirt making him regress by a few more months. Edward eagerly tried to catch the milk in his mouth, eagerly lapping up every drop he missed. With every drop of milk he drank, the world grew even larger. Soon Edward's pajamas seemed too big for a boy his age. His arms shrank back into his sleeves, and Shelby loved how small and cure he looked with his big, floppy sleeves and pant legs. His body grew thinner and less hairy, and Shelby squealed with when she began to tower over her little man
"Wow," Edward squeaked. "This is so much fun, Shelby!!"
"Don't call me Shelby, call me mommy!" Flash! The room itself began to change. Toys, a changing station, baby clothes, baby Mario stuffed toys, and a crib all appeared in the room. "Now this looks more like a little babies room," Shelby declared.
"Mommy? Baby?" Edward stared confusedly at Shelby, mouth agape, even as she continued to shower him in milk, making him younger and younger. Edward was so small that his shoulders slipped through the collar of his pajama shirt. He now sat in the middle of a pile of oversized clothes, like a little boy caught playing dress-up. Realizing what Shelby was talking about, he began clapping excitedly.
"Yay, Mommy! I'm gonna be your widdle baby!"
"That's right, honey,"Shelby answered, but suddenly a thought occurred to her. "I wonder what I taste like." Grinning, she hooked an arm under one breast and hauled it up towards her face, all the while spraying Edward with the other tit. Shelby wrapped her lips around her areola, sucking her tit vigorously. Streams of delicious milk flooded into Shelby's mouth, flowing in a soothing river down her throat.
"Mmm…I can see why babies like milk so much: it's so sweet!"
A pre-teen Edward looked up at Shelby with big, longing eyes. "May I have some more milk, Mommy?!"
"Absolutely little baby, but first I want to see how much you like this!" Shelby stopped spraying Edward, then filled her mouth with another flood of the creamy, white liquid from her tit. Instead of swallowing she slowly let it all drip out of her mouth pouring it all over her luscious body. A tingling sensation traveled through Shelby's body.
"That felt good. I bet it will be even better when Mommy's cradling you and letting you suck her big, pillowy breasts."
In an instant Edward regressed another two years. Mesmerized, he seemed in danger of going out like a candle-flame as he stared at Shelby's wet, glistening skin. 'Wow, I actually made him younger with my beauty. He's so small, and I'm so much bigger than he is. This is awesome, and he's so…so…oh God! He's soooo cute!'
Shelby turned to the computer once more, "Diapers and baby clothes!" Flash! The oversized pajamas disappeared and a thick diaper and a blue onesie covered Edward's naked form.
"Wait, but I'm still a big boy," Edward protested in his high eight-year-old voice.
Shelby picked Edward up easily, carrying him up to her breast. "Not for long, sweetie."
At first Edward stared at the swollen, leaking nipple in fascination: taking in the beauty before him. His mouth ached for it, but he held back, just enough to enjoy knowing what was about to happen.
Shelby giggled excitedly. "Say hello, titty!"
Edward's mouth latched onto Shelby's breast. Eagerly suckling, his arms wrapped around the massive tit, his eyes closed, Edward gulped down mouthfuls of breast-milk. His mind was trapped in the bliss of the moment, and her didn't even notice himself growing smaller and smaller with each mouthful of milk.
"My my, you really are hungry! Go on, baby, it's all for you." Shelby patted Edward gently on the back, resting her other arm atop her mountainous boobs. Quickly she noticed that he was shrinking faster than ever before due to the large amounts of milk he was swallowing. Years melted away like moments, and as he shrank the baby clothes and diaper shrank with him. Nine, eight, six, three, two: Edward faded into toddler-hood still rhythmically sucking the sweet milk from Shelby's bosom. Shelby cradled him and gave him a loving pat on his diapered backside.
"Good baby drink mommy's milk; mommy loves it when baby drinks her milk!"
Edward suddenly stretched his arms, and unlatching himself from Shelby's nipple he let loose a yawn so cute that Shelby thought she might die
"Ma-ma, I's full…" His shrinking slowed, but now Edward's life could only be measured in months. His age slipped under the year-old mark and kept creeping backwards. He shrank little by little: unable to speak or walk, and soon unable even to crawl. Shelby simply stared lovingly as he shrank further, stopping at the age of just a few months. He snuggled up against Shelby's huge, warm breasts and closed his eyes: the most kawaii baby she had even seen.
Suddenly a putrid odor began to fill the room. Shelby laughed, "Man, you really let out a big one didn't you. That's okay, I'll change my stinky little man!"
Using the changing table, Shelby removed the stinky diaper, wiped Edward down, powdered him, and gave him a new diaper in a matter of seconds. Tossing the diaper into a nearby diaper pail, Shelby cuddled Edward to her chest once more.
"You may be a stinker but, doesn't make you any less cute!" Shelby lifts Edward to her mouth and blew raspberries on his smooth, pudgy stomach: causing an avalanche of giggles.
Shelby grabbed some of the Mario Bros. toys from the shelf and started playing with them. "Princess, I'll save you from Bowser!"
Edward pointed to Luigi, who was not being played with at the time, and squeaked in happily.
"Aww…you're right nobody love's Weegee! We'll let him save the princess this time!"
They played for what seems like hours, switching between who gots to save the Princess, Shelby picking up Edward and letting him stomp on the Goombas, collecting imaginary coins, and putting on baby sized Luigi hats on Edward's head. Soon, however, Edward's tummy started to growl again, and he let loose a hungry whine from his toothless mouth.
"It's okay my baby Luigi, mommy's got you." Edward still continued to cry, tears running down his face. Shelby felt a strange heaviness in her breast, and her nipple started to leak again. Shelby nodded and helds Edward up to her dripping nipple. Edward stopped crying and stared at the nipple in front of him.
Rubbing circles around her nipple, Shelby gave Edward permission to begin suckling again. "Hungry for Mommy's big titties again? Go ahead; it feels really good, my tiny bundle of joy."
Edward smiled his big toothless grin and then wrapped his lips around Shelby's areola again.
'It's amazing just how good this feels!' Walking towards the mirror, Shelby saw herself holding little baby Edward in her arms. She stared and stared, mesmerized by the scene just as Edward was mesmerized by her milky breasts.
Shelby continued to ponder this scene for what seemed like an eternity. However, her contemplation was interrupted when Edward unlatched himself and yawned.
Aww… It's past your bed time, Eddy. I think we should go to sleep. I can't wait to give breakfast tomorrow, creamy milk for my little baby boy." Shelby herself yawned as she placed Edward next to her in their bed.
"But, I can't wait to get my man back too!" Shelby stared at her cute little baby as he lay next to her, and continued watching until she fell asleep as well.
The computer screen then switches on, and in a whispered high pitched voice, "Powers successfully granted, as long as their computers exist they can travel to both of their houses and visit each other and do anything they want. Desires successfully granted, J-Peggy out! Bye-bye!!"
Alright people, I'm not going to lie: this one is weird, but I love the hell out of it. It was originally written by a friend of mine, who sent the rough draft to me and asked if I would fix it up a little. I agreed to do it not only because he's my friend, but because the sheer range of fetishes he packed into one place.
So, I polished up the text, fixed the grammar, rewrote some scenes, and added some of my own. It was a lot of fun, and in the spirit of reckless abandon that is this story, I've gone a lot further and written more explicitly than ever before.

What's in this story? Oh, where to begin? This story has age regression, roleplaying, a pirate wench, balloons, candy-licking, chocolate coating, crazy computers, and B.E.
I hope you'll enjoy it half as much as I did.
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godleydemon Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011
honestly when i read age regression i jumped at it thinking it was the woman, XD still. Amazing story you two.
praedatorius Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry to disappoint. It's Puppetpirate's fault XD. Thanks. It's good to hear from you again and know that you're still enjoying my work!
Puppetpirate Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011
That was absolutely amazing! You truly expanded my story and made it much better, the writing flowed exceptionally well, you developed the characters more and you fully realized the fetish scenes! It was beyond awesome and I was also impressed by how funny you made much of the writing, especially the Booty Attack and the pudding! I also think that the reactions you added to the transformations made it even more hilarious and real to me. You are truly a skilled writer and I know that you have a future in writing!!
Puppetpirate Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011
Oh and when you said "Harder, Deeper, Faster, Stronger," I thought that J-Peggy was going to come out and start doing a Daft Punk parody and cosplay!
praedatorius Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ha ha! The funny thing is that I'd never even heard of that song until you mentioned it just now. Let's hear it for ungodly coincidences! XD Still, you've got to admit, the phrase does sound a little dirty.
leafbladie Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
That was good. I just wanted to ask, would you add in a birthing scene next time. Something like Edward is eaten, and is then given birth too.
praedatorius Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm not a huge fan of birthing, personally. I have nothing against it, of course, but I don't get much from it. Although, since this story is crazy enough as it is, one more fetish couldn't hurt, I suppose. XD
leafbladie Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Yeah there's never such a thing as too many fetishes.
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